24 Thick Film Instant Heating Test Kit

Thick Film Instant Water Heater Element is mainly applied in quick heating or fluid continuous heating. In order to get continuous hot water in target temperature, NTC temp sensors, water pump and electric control system are required to work with TF Heater Element.


Thick film heater


Since thick film heater element is new type water fluid heater parts for most home appliances manufacturers or other customers, we make this Electric Testing Kit as Mini Electric Instant Hot Water Dispenser Prototype, which can be set to supply target temperature hot water or water volume in each single heating process.


It'll help customers to understand how thick film heater works and to learn more thick film heater applications in new model R&D.

The Electric Thick Film Instant Heating Testing Kit is assembled by Thick Film Heater Element, DC Membrane Pump, PCB control system, LCD Display, Touch Buttons etc.  


Special Advantages of 24 thick film testing kit: 

1)It can realize three different power, such as 800w,1400w,2200w on one heating tube, which means you can connect the suitable power with your requirement.
2)Power can be selected to provide a high-quality solution for achieving low-temperature effluent, and it can make sure the stability of water outflow with different temperature. 
3)We use wire socket to connect wires on the heater, which is different with old method welding, and it can make the connecter more stable and safety.


Target Temperature: 45℃, 50℃, 55℃, 60℃ 65℃ 70℃ 75℃ 80℃ 85℃ 90℃ 95℃ and 100℃.

Volume in single heat process: 150ml, 500ml and 1000ml

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