Stainless steel thick film heating technology originated from Europe and the United States, it uses screen printing technology to print layers on base material, these layers are insulation medium, resistance, conductor, protective glaze etc., high temperature sintering is employed to form a dense layer of microcrystalline glass film, not easy to fall off, not easily scratched.
Since its establishment in 2012, Jieda has been focusing on R&D and mass production of thick film heating pipes. The stainless steel thick film heating pipes produced by Jieda are widely acclaimed for its high thermal efficiency, stable performance and safety and durability.
Thick film heater
In the customer whole machine application, the stainless steel thick film heating pipes of the Jieda GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series have the advantages of large heating area, high heat conduction efficiency (≥98%), fast thermal response (80 ℃~150/S), long working life (≥10000 Hour) and other significant advantages.
The series  of Jieda GIDAPE® ANDETONG® stainless steel thick-film heating pipes have been specially designed for fluid heating, and currently have been successfully applied to fast heat water dispenser, fast heat water heater, electric heat faucet, pipeline machine, under sink water heater, coffee machines, circulate-heating, industrial equipment heating etc.
Thick film heater
As first domestic professional manufacturer of stainless steel thick-film heating pipe , Jieda GIDAPE® ANDETONG® products series mainly are stainless steel thick-film heating pipe(SUS430 series), covering thick-film plate. Currently GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series stainless steel thick-film heating pipe diameter distribution Φ18-50mm, length 110-150mm, the single pipe maximum power 6KW, the dimension power of standing standard products are comparatively complete. Special power, voltage, requirements can be customized design. Jieda GIDAPE® ANDETONG® series stainless steel thick-film heating tube has four invention patents, dozens of utility model patents, we are also the first domestic company who produces stainless steel thick film products with CQC certification, wading health approval documents, ROHS certification.
For the convenience of customers' whole package application, Jieda did something on the basis of stainless steel thick film heating tube, that is: JEDA expands the corresponding plastic protective shell, end cap connector, conducting wire, anti-dry thermostat etc., as a whole, they form a fast heat module, which is also known as stainless steel tube thick film heating body.
Thick film heater

Sous Vide Cook: a modern life style cooking, by cooking food in vacuum sealed pouches, submerged in hot water bath held at a precisely controlled temperature. Cook Steak, Vegetables, Egg, Chicken breasts and Ribs perfectly with benefits: Gourmet taste – Captures the real taste and flavor, and keep nutritional value. Vacuum Pouch retains natural juices and nutrients. Time saving, Low Energy consumption. Easy use and Clean way cooking.  The core component of sous vide is the heating element. And we are the manufacture who is specialized  in  thick film heating tube, which can bring your product more faster heating and prettier appearance.

Thick film heater
Product use precautions:
1, The product temperature rising rate is greater than 80 ℃~150/S, so, please ensure that the tube is filled with water before use.
2, The pipe must be installed vertically when heating liquid, the direction of liquid flow is from the bottom up. To avoid local dry burning, please add water at first, and then connect to power.
3, Based on different powers, the user should ensure the minimum flow, while ensuring smooth water access to the pipe, so as to avoid vaporization and dry burning.
4, Pay attention to the surface heat dissipation; and due to a big power density, please also pay attention to the rate of heat exchange.
Thick film heaterThick film heater


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