Thick film heaterWhat's Thick Film Heating Element?

Thick film heaterThick film heater is a new electric heating product which uses screen printing technology and new thick film material.  Stainless steel is printed with dielectric material, electric resistor, conductor on tube surface. It can heat water flow through it instantly, and water and electric is totally insulated.


Thick film heaterWhat's the Advantages of Jieda Thick Film Heating Tube?

Thick film heaterWe master screen printing and sintering technology fully on curved surface stainless steel tubes, which make it possible to evenly heat continuous water flow.

High power density: 60W/CM2

Temperature ramp up rate: ˃85°C/S 

Long life span: 10,000 hours 


Thick film heaterWhat's the advantages of Jieda Thick Film Heating Element?


Thick film heater



Thick film heaterHow do you make sure it's safe for user?

Thick film heaterIt is printed with isolation dielectric layers on tube surface, and through drying firing process with 800°C for each layer. The silver conductor and thick film electric heating circuit are printed on the isolation layers, then covered with one more isolation protective layer.

It can be equipped with Thermostats and plastic shield, to prevent OVER HEATING.


Thick film heater


Thick film heaterWhat's the inlet and outlet diameter?

Thick film heaterThick Film Heating Tube: Ø18, Ø20, Ø30, Ø35, Ø40 and Ø50mm;

Thick Film Heater Element: Ø10mm, Ø16mm and G1/2''


Thick film heaterCan I DIY it for personal use by myself?

Thick film heaterOur products are mainly used as heating elements for water heaters in mass production, not recommended for Personal DIY.


Thick film heaterHow to install Thick Film Heater Tube/Element?

Thick film heaterThick Film Heater Element is required to vertical mounted, and avoided to horizontal or inclined mount.

That's to prevent DRY HEATING in partial area caused by horizontal mounting, inclined mounting and vapor return.


Thick film heaterHow to get the suitable model for our application?

Thick film heaterWe need to know the water temperature in inlet and outlet port, the water flow rate, connection port requirements and other special requirements.


Thick film heaterWhat's the operation attentions?

Thick film heater①The temperature ramp-up above 80°C/s, please make sure the tube fulfilled with water before use.

② Please install it vertically, make sure water flow direction from bottom to top, to prevent dry heating in partial area of heating tube.

③ Set the minimum flow rate according to tubes' power watts, ensure smooth flowing of water, to prevent vaporizing and dry heating.

④. Make sure reliability grounding.



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